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The following three families are known as the "London" Toulmins.........

Descendents of Abraham of Chard

Descendents of the Toulmins of Bolton Holmes

Descendents of Robert Toulmin of Bolton-Le-Sands


The Northern Toulmins

Family Trees - Southern and Northern Toulmins

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I liken a family to a tree in your own garden. Its roots are the ancestors, its trunk is the current family group of grandparents, parents and siblings, and the branches the uncles aunts, and cousins, and for the rare lucky ones, subsidiary branches of some or many of these. Like a tree, the family is always there to protect those who need its shelter.

When measured against this criterion mine was hardly recognisable as a family. One cold, severe grandmother. A loved uncle whom I rarely saw as he was in the Royal Navy. An unloved, unloving and secretive father, a full-time working mother, and an elder brother, all of whom virtually disappeared from my life when I was evacuated to the country at the beginning of WW2 at age eleven. No other relatives were known to me until a delightful aunt  came into my life in my thirties, bringing a never-seen cousin in Ireland and telling me about two more in Australia.

Late in life, as my wife Sue and I unravelled some of its mysteries, warmed to the anecdotes, and shared in some of the pleasures and tragedies of the Toulmin family, it gradually became our family. The never-met aunts and uncles are all real people to us, as are some of my direct ancestors back to kindly great-great-grandfather Joseph, with his generous nature and enigmatic smile. Sue and I emotionally “adopted” uncle “Freddie”, from the picture of him as a little boy. We felt a real personal loss and sorrow for the fate of so many uncles and aunts who died in the spring of their lives, as did our two great- aunts, Eliza Josephine and Isabella, who both died in their twenties. 


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